If you are done with training and currently looking for a Preventive Medicine position at one of the country's leading institutions, please contact us! We are always looking for motivated physicians or advanced care providers to have on our team. 

Below we describe what a field in Preventive Medicine looks like and how you can join our team in Southern California regardless of the stage of medical training you are at!

Preventive Medicine Salary

One of the most common questions that you may have is how much do Preventive Medicine Physicians make?

Loma Linda University Faculty Medical Group (LLUFMG) is a private, not-for-profit corporation, utilizing proprietary methodologies to formulate compensation plans individualized to each department and division based on a variety of factors.

Finding the Preventive Medicine Job for You

Finding the right Preventive Medicine job for you may sound like a daunting task. No worries, we get questions all of the time and here are the most helpful tips we have found when looking for Jobs in Preventive Medicine.

  • Start your Preventive Medicine Job Search early
  • If you are completing Preventive Medicine training, make sure to start your job search 8-12 months before completing your training.
  • Preferred locations, such as southern California, will have more competition 
  • Make Sure your Preventive Medicine Job is in the Right Setting
  • Make Sure your Preventive Medicine Job is in the Right Culture
  • Understand your Preventive Medicine Employment Contract
  • Look for the right Preventive Medicine Job Benefits. 
  • Some places may have a higher salary but don’t give you any benefits! Check out our benefits page for examples.

Have more questions? Let us help you learn more about the best way to apply for a Preventive Medicine job by contacting us here

How to Train in Preventive Medicine

Training to become a Preventive Medicine Physician will require completing medical school and post-graduate residency training in Preventive Medicine. Medical school is typically 4 years long and Residency training in Preventive Medicine is usually 3 years long. Some Preventive Medicine providers will choose additional fellowships after their residency which are typically 1 year long. 

Preventive Medicine Resources

Here are some Preventive Medicine resources that you may find helpful.

Preventive Medicine Conferences and Societies:

Preventive Medicine Fellowship Opportunities

Some people may choose to do a fellowship after their Preventive Medicine residency training.

Preventive Medicine offers a variety of fellowship or subspecialty training after residency.

You can click here to view all of the Preventive Medicine Fellowships at LLUH.

Below is a list of the most popular Preventive Medicine fellowship opportunities.

Occupational Medicine Fellowship

This ACGME accredited fellowship program can be completed in one additional year. Occupational Medicine focuses on taking care of employees and preventing injuries at the worksite. Find out more about the Occupational Medicine Fellowship at LLU! 

Addiction Medicine Fellowship

Preventive Medicine residents can complete a fellowship in one additional year in addiction medicine as well. Addiction medicine treats people with substance use disorders.Find out more about the Addiction Medicine Fellowship at LLU!