As a physician with Loma Linda University Faculty Medical Group, you’ll enjoy a number of comprehensive and competitive benefits. Our benefits reflect that our commitment to whole person care extends not just to our patients, but also to our physicians.

Eligible full-time and part-time employees may be offered the following benefits dependent upon position and compensation:


Comprehensive Health Plan Options


Continuing Medical Education


Life, Disability and Malpractice Insurance


Medical and Dependent Care FSA Options


Retirement and TSA Plans


Vacation and Sick Leave

Health Plan

Benefit is provided in accordance with Plan Document provisions. For all new full-time or part-time benefit eligible employees, employee, spouse and dependent(s), coverage is available on the first day of the month following a 30-day waiting period from your date of hire. If you are hired on the 16th of the month, there will be a 45-day waiting period before insurance benefits are available. Exceptions include:

  • If you are a direct transfer within the Loma Linda system, you have had less than a 30-day break in service, and you were covered by Risk Management insurance, your coverage will begin immediately. 
  • If you were a non-benefited employee or have a change in your FTE status and are now benefit eligible, your insurance will begin immediately. Must be .5 FTE or higher.

Flexible Spending Account

Benefit is provided in accordance to Plan Document provisions. Health plan buy-in contributions, medical expense reimbursement and dependent care benefits are available on a pre-tax basis. The amount available is set on an annual basis. All new full-time or part-time benefit eligible employees, the flexible spending health reimbursement account and dependent coverage will begin the day your health/dental insurance begins. Must be .5 FTE or higher. Note: Dependent care is only available to those who are not a Highly Compensated Employee as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.

Retirement and TSA Plans

Benefits are provided in accordance to Plan Document provisions. Employer contributions are based on a board approved percentage of gross compensation. 

For 2019, the compensation limit is $280,000. Vesting is a five year graduated vesting. Employee will be vested over a five (5) year period; 20% per year for each calendar year employee has worked 1,000 hours. Contributions are based on eligibility of completing 1000 hours (or 100 days for exempt employees) in a calendar year. The corporation sponsors two plans:

  • A 401(a) plan for employer contributions that maintains the eligibility requirements
  • A 403(b) plan for employee contributions, which has no eligibility requirement. The 403(b) plan follows the amounts allowed under the Internal Revenue Code.

Life Insurance

The corporation provides a life insurance policy for all eligible employees and the employee has the ability to purchase additional amounts at an individual level. Eligibility is a minimum of .75 FTE.

Disability Insurance

Benefits are provided within a mandatory contributory policy for both benefits outlined below. Eligibility is a minimum of .75 FTE.

Short Term Disability

Benefits are available after a 60 day waiting period from the date of disability up to a maximum of six (6) months. Benefits approximate 60% of weekly pre-disability gross compensation.

Long Term Disability

Benefits are available after short term disability at the six (6) months’ time frame. Benefits approximate 60% of monthly pre-disability grow compensation as defined by the plan provisions.

Malpractice Liability Coverage

Benefits provided and fully employer paid in accordance to Operating Policy provisions. The professional liability Trust provides coverage on a per occurrence basis, and covers all claims during the course of employment from inception to termination, irrespective of when a claim may be made. Therefore, no “tail” coverage premium will be required of the Employee upon termination of employment.

Other Benefits

The benefit areas listed below will fall within the broad guidelines established by the Board of the employing corporation and will be determined by policies developed within the individual cost center. Other benefits are provided at a prorated basis for .5 FTE and higher.

  • Vacation days: Vacation is provided on an annual basis at integrations based upon years of service. Vacation is an accrued benefit.
  • Sick leave days: 10 days available each fiscal year
  • Continuing medical education (CME) support: All employees receive two (2) weeks of CME for each fiscal year. In addition, financial support is provided in an amount determined by the cost center on a fiscal year basis.
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